Michael Gerber

I am Michael, a freelance photographer and travel blogger based in Switzerland and the man behind “mscgerber”. Also I love to share my stories with the world.

5 photo spots in Berlin you can’t miss

5 Photo spots in Berlin - Brandenburg Gate

Every time I travel somewhere I am looking for good photo spots beforehand. Sometimes this can be quite time-consuming because there are not that many valuable sources – except some so-called “photographers” that post their terrible smartphone pictures and recommend visiting these places. Therefore I will share 5 photo spots in Berlin that you shouldn’t miss when traveling to the …

5 tips to make better pictures with a smartphone

Some might think why a photographer with his own camera gear should even now tips to make better pictures with a smartphone. Good point. However, I started my “career” on Instagram for the first months just with my smartphone, which made me develop some techniques that I used for almost every picture. It’s nothing magic and everybody can do it. …