About Michael Gerber

 Michael Gerber

Life is not about your money, the car you’re driving or even the clothes you are wearing. What matters the most is who you are. What are you worth as a billionaire when you lack personality? You already know the answer. I am Michael, a freelance photographer and travel blogger based in Switzerland. After my 23 years living on this planet I may not have the biggest life experience yet, however, I am working on that every day. Stagnancy is a setback. On this blog, you will find regular posts about my travels, photography, lifestyle and my own journey. You can find further information in my introduction.

 What I love

  • Photography Always when I have my camera in my hand I turn into someone else. I am enthusiastic and absolutely goal-oriented to turn a moment into a special memory that stays forever.
  • Travel is freedom. You can choose where, when and how exactly you want to do something.
  • Sharing my experiences with the world. Whether it is on my blog, my Social Media pages or somehow else


If you have any questions, suggestions or want to work with me simply use my contact form. For further information to work with me, you can check out my collaboration page.