5 of the most annoying airline passengers

Annoying tourists – 5 of the most annoying airline passengers

Are you getting narrow-minded Michael? You write about annoying tourists on a plane, seriously? Yes! Yes! And yes! I would definitely say I am quite tolerant while traveling and don’t really care about most things, because I’m, at least most of the times, pretty relaxed. Even when they start to tell me I’m rich because of my nationality. But when I see some rude airline passengers I just have to use my hands to make a “facepalm” sometimes. However, let’s just begin with my short list of the 5 most annoying airline passengers.

5 of the most annoying airline passengers

Sometimes just a facepalm helps

The “armresttwrestler”

I know, airplanes are not built for tall or big people. I also struggle sometimes with my height, and there are many taller humans around the globe. But the “armrestwrestler” doesn’t care. He is the only one that needs more space. He basically owns the armrest! Sharing the armrest? (In my opinion, this works totally fine) Impossible! If you go to the toilet or remove your own arm just for one millisecond, your chances to ever see your elbow on the armrest again are close to zero percent. With hard training in special camps, the “armrestwrestlers” build their skillset over years and are extremely experienced, agile and hard to defeat. My recommendation: Don’t waste your time with even trying.

The Crying Baby

Let’s be fair: It’s not the baby’s fault. But still, there is nothing more annoying than a crying, screaming baby next to you when traveling by plane. At least there is a good solution to fight against this one: Noise-canceling headphones. I can tell you a story from my flight to Sao Paulo last month. I booked a seat in the exit row to get some extra leg space and sat next to a little family with a baby. Surprisingly the baby was not screaming that much. The misery just started in the night. I woke up, with a baby ass literally on my arm. Okay, also not that horrible. I realized a weird smell, definitely some poo. Somehow I managed to sleep again, probably just for some minutes. The baby was on the ground (I still have no idea how it got there though) and was screaming. Since the parents were sleeping and didn’t react to my tries to wake them up I decided to “play” with the baby. Well, his mother tongue was Spanish. With my tremendous Spanish vocabulary (“Vamos a la playa – Despacito – Hola”) and some stupid moves, the baby was happy and I finally could sleep again.

The mother that doesn’t care

Let’s move to the next one, that is, most of the times, the true reason for the crying baby. Imagine a little kid, throwing around everything that comes into his hands, screaming and just being really, really bothersome to the whole plane. And what is the mother doing? Sitting around or even better, sleeping. That never happens? I wish. I saw this so many times already, and It makes me both angry and sad. You are responsible for your kid – and everybody will understand if it’s making some noises or cries, but at least try to help your own kid. There are plenty of activities for kids on an airplane. I think that’s enough preachment for the moment, even though this is one of the worst airline passengers in my opinion.


5 of the most annoying airline passengers

You gotta be fast

World class airplane sprinter

Probably the most widespread of all these annoying tourists in planes. The plane just landed, the crew makes the standard announcement to stay in your seat until the plane reached the final position and the belt light is removed. Sounds easy. Actually, it is. But the world-class sprinter has his own destiny. If he exits the plane before everybody else, he will receive glory and honor. Don’t underestimate the big effort the sprinter puts into this goal. The timing must be perfect, getting up directly after the landing is essential to grab your aerodynamic hand luggage as the first and directly make a sprint to the front rows. Every mistake will cost you valuable seconds while leaving the plane that you can spend at the baggage claim. Maybe we should all become airplane sprinters?

Spoiled in Economy Class

This is definitely my favorite type of the most annoying airline passengers and also it is a great comedy show to me. You probably know these people too. They sit in an economy seat, therefore the cheapest (!) place in the plane. But they expect high-class catering and service like they are the king of the world. Honestly, it is so funny to see. Most of the time they are old ladies, and it already starts before you are on the plane. They cheat to gain some places in the boarding line for example. But the real show starts inside! Before all the passengers are inside they will ask the cabin crew for wine, if possible more than once with different flight attendants. If they don’t get a positive response it is very likely to hear some offenses already. Surprised by the quality of the food this “species” will not be happy at all, therefore order more wine. But the wine is over… and your flight probably soon too 😉

Despite these annoying and sometimes even rude airline passengers, there are some other strange or interesting (however you see it!) things in airplanes – like the little holes in every window. Did you ever wonder why? Read about this and even more plane facts in this article.

Annoying Tourists: Plane passengers


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