Annoying tourists – 5 of the most annoying airline passengers

5 of the most annoying airline passengers

Are you getting narrow-minded Michael? You write about annoying tourists on a plane, seriously? Yes! Yes! And yes! I would definitely say I am quite tolerant while traveling and don’t really care about most things, because I’m, at least most of the times, pretty relaxed. Even when they start to tell me I’m rich because of my nationality. But when …

Interesting facts about Switzerland – What people think when you’re Swiss

What people think when you're Swiss

Switzerland is a really small country, still, we manage to be quite familiar to most people around the world. Oh, wait, at least I thought like this. It might be true when you cross the border to Germany, France, Austria or just go somewhere else in Europe. But better don’t ask an American. Well, you should ask. It can be …