The God Delusion

The God Delusion – Is atheism the right path?

What’s the book about?

The God Delusion is a non-fiction book from Richard Dawkins published in 2006. It has been translated into 35 languages and was sold over three million times worldwide. Richard Dawkins is an English evolutionary biologist, author, and ethologist. With his knowledge of the evolution theory, he became an atheist at a young age and is well known for his criticism of creationism.

I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world.”

So what does he mean with this? Does he hate every religious person or religion in general? No, not at all. Even though most of his critics argue exactly like that. They feel attacked because they are biased. They don’t think far enough. According to Dawkin’s he can’t prove that God (or any other form of an almighty creator) doesn’t exist. But can someone give an evidence to prove it? No.

Atheism or Religion?

You might think: Either is it better to be an atheist or religious. In my opinion not. There are different reasons for both sides. However, I think you should respect others if they don’t share your opinion. I can say it quite frankly: I am an atheist and the chances to change that are pretty small. But I always try to understand why someone is religious. Most of the time someone has experienced real pain in his life (and with pain, I’m not talking about a Swiss guy who doesn’t have the money for a new 4k ultra HD tv), grow up in an area with war and religion was the last straw to grasp. Criticizing a person who is religious is, in my eyes, the wrong way. Anyway, I can’t say the same about religion itself. Wars and terrorism mostly occur because of religion. Nobody can deny that. Don’t get me wrong. Religion also has its good sides for some people, especially in moral aspects. But the bad things that happened and will happen are reason enough to talk about it and take off bigotry.

Everybody has the right to chose

A child is not a Christian child, not a Muslim child, but a child of Christian parents or a child of Muslim parents. This latter nomenclature, by the way, would be an excellent piece of consciousness-raising for the children themselves. A child who is told she is a ‘child of Muslim parents’ will immediately realize that religion is something for her to choose -or reject- when she becomes old enough to do so.

Did you ever think about that? Let’s say you are born in Turkey, in your family everybody is Muslim (you can do the same with Christians, Jews, and every other religion). The religion of the kid is already determined, at least in most cases. And for me, that’s kind of sad. A person should always be able to choose, think about it for yourself when you are old enough. But in today’s world, this is just not the case. This was probably the most impressive part of The God Delusion for me because I never really thought that way.

My own minds

First of all, I have to admit that I read the book in German because the used language is on a pretty high level. So I can recommend you to read it in your mother tongue, if possible. Should you buy The God Delusion? In my opinion yes. It is worth a read for everybody, no matter if you are religious, atheist or a believer in the mysterious magic pizza monster. It really changed my point of view and I’d be happy if you share your own thoughts about the book with me!

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