What people think when you're Swiss

Interesting facts about Switzerland – What people think when you’re Swiss

Switzerland is a really small country, still, we manage to be quite familiar to most people around the world. Oh, wait, at least I thought like this. It might be true when you cross the border to Germany, France, Austria or just go somewhere else in Europe. But better don’t ask an American. Well, you should ask. It can be quite funny. So while I was traveling around the world I heard different stories and interesting facts about Switzerland. The crux of it: I didn’t know about most of them at all, maybe because they were just invented by a foreign genius? Here are some of the funniest stories of what are Swiss people like, according to foreigners.

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We are all rich

And I mean really rich! Donald Trump rich. According to some travelers I met, they immediately thought I’m rich when I just mentioned that I am from Switzerland, or someone even just scried my passport. Admittedly the average Swiss person definitely has more money than, for example, an average person from Asia, South America or most Eastern European countries. But we are (most of us!) far away from being rich. And because we are all so rich it is clear that we invite everybody at the party for a drink… eh, no!

Do you live in the mountains?

When they see you eating some cheap food in a hostel and finally start to believe that you are, just maybe, not Bill Gates’ son and also have to watch out for your money sometimes there is already the next bias in the starting blocks. “So, do you live in the Mountains?”. Yes, sure! I’m living, together with 8 million other humans in the Swiss Alps, taking care of my cows, producing cheese and enjoying my life. Admittedly, we have many amazing places to visit in Switzerland (like the Glattalp)- but not everybody lives in the mountains!

Interesting facts about Switzerland

We all live in the mountains, what else?

We all work for a bank

Besides my work in the Alps, I also work in a bank. Actually, I just moved to the “CS” which stands for “Climbing Switzerland”, where you have to climb to every location first to get your money. How cool! There is also a positive side effect of storing all our money in the mountains. We don’t need to build big buildings, walls and security systems to protect it. You may reach the money, but it’s not worth the effort, honestly. Definitely a huge advantage of living in Switzerland – our money is always safe in the Swiss Alps.

Fun facts about Switzerland: Cheese and Chocolate

Did you know that Swiss people only eat Cheese and chocolate? No? There is a reason behind it! Because cows are holy in our country (or was this India?) we can’t eat them. It is pretty hard to import food on a mountain. So we just decided to create the “Swiss diet”. I mean, it has been proved that it’s really healthy to just live with chocolate and cheese. Look at us! Maybe I have to admit, sometimes we also eat some bread, which we import from France. But please don’t tell it to anyone. If you are wondering how Swiss people look like you will see a picture below.

Funny facts about Switzerland

Damn, I couldn’t do a picture of myself, too many cows

Ah, from Sweden?

I really thought that this is just a joke when friends told me that many people can’t make a difference between Switzerland and Sweden. We may have the same two starting letters and are both in Europe, but that’s it. Especially in the United States this was a common discussion between me and locals:

Local: “Hey, where are you from'”

Me: “Switzerland!”

Local: “Oh so cool, I always wanted to visit Sweden”

Me: “Switzerland, not Sweden.”

Local: “Yeah, that’s what I said?”

But that’s okay when you compare it to one of the Uber drivers I talked to in San Diego. He was a real genius of geographic. We can all learn a lot from him.

Switzerland? Wow that is so cool. I heard it is really beautiful over there. It’s the small island next to Australia, right?

Which of those interesting facts about Switzerland did you experience your self? Let me know in the comments!

Interesting facts about Switzerland


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