Jerico, Antioquia Travel Guide

Jericó, Antioquia Travel Guide & Things to do in Jericó, Antioquia

Jerico is a small pueblo (English: town) located in the Southwestern part of Antioquia, which is a department of Colombia. In this Jerico Antioquiy Travel Guide, I will tell you everything you need to know before your trip, including some of the best things to do in Jerico Antioquia.

Jerico, Antioquia is a lovely little town with a lot of nature, a relaxing vibe and generally tons of things to explore and see. If you want to see some of my own impressions, check out our YouTube Video.


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How to get to Jerico Antioquia

Getting to Jerico Antioquia is quite easy, however, it takes some time since the streets that lead through the hills and mountains of Colombia’s countryside are not to be compared with a highway. They are curvy and it generally takes some time to get around.

If you are in Medellin (the capital of the department with an international airport), head to the South Bus Terminal near El Poblado (the main tourist area). From there you can take a bus to Jerico, which will take around 3-4 hours. Buses leave hourly and usually run from 5 AM to 6 PM. Once you are in Jerico, you will be dropped off at the main square of the town, where you can also find a ticket office to buy your tickets for the way back (or to continue your journey).

You can also reach Jerico (by bus) from other pueblos like Jardin or the coffee region (e.g: Salento).

Getting around in Jerico Antioquia

The main area of Jerico, Antioquia is rather small, therefore, the pueblo is easily walkable for most of the things you will want to do. If you are looking for ways to explore the area further, there are Tuk Tuk’s available that you can pay to drive you around.

Things to do in Jerico Antioquia

Stroll around the beautiful town

As I already mentioned, Jerico is a lovely little town that is easily walkable. One of the best things to do in Jerico Antioquia is, therefore, to just stroll around and explore some of the beautiful colorful colonial buildings. The locals take big pride in them and keep them in good shape – it’s definitely worth spending some time walking around the town.

Go paragliding

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know that I love paragliding! It is a super relaxing (& safe) activity that usually provides some of the best views over the area you are in. And of course, that is no different in Jerico! I did a 15-minute paragliding flight and absolutely loved enjoying the beautiful views of the landscapes. The pilots are all super experienced and will make you feel comfortable even if it is your first time doing it.

You can book your paragliding through your accommodation in Jerico. I booked it through Las Cometas Hostel.

If you would like to see some more impressions of the Paragliding, check out our YouTube Video in the beginning of this post.

Paragliding in Jerico, Antioquia

Paragliding in Jerico was so much fun!

See the Cristo Redentor

Jerico, Antioquia has its own Cristo the Redentor, just like Rio de Janeiro in Brazil does. It might not be as tall or impressive as the one in Rio, but it definitely is super cool. Overlooking the entire city, you will also have an incredible view of Jerico. I definitely recommend a little walk to Jerico’s own Cristo Redentor, you will like it.

Cristo Redentor en Jerico, Antioquia

View of the Cristo Redentor overlooking Jerico

Hike to Cerro Las Nubes

One of my favorite things to do in Jerico Antioquia was to hike to Cerro Las Nubes during sunset! Cerro Las Nubes has arguably the best views in the region, especially during sunset. The hike is around 5 kilometers long and is a bit challenging due to the steep inclination. However, everybody that is in decent shape will easily make it up there.

The peak is at a height of over 2’300 meters, which will make for a really fresh climate (bring a jacket!). It is a protected area where you can also potentially encounter wild animals ranging from eagles, toucans, snakes or many more.

During your hike, you will pass different viewpoints, which all offer amazing views. I personally did the hike with a group of travelers and a guide from Las Cometas Hostel – which was super helpful since the way up to Cerro Las Nubes is quite confusing and you could easily get lost.

For some more impressions of the hike, check out our YouTube Video (at the top of this page).Las Nubes, Jerico Antioquia

Visit the Botanical Garden

Another place that can’t be missed in my Jerico Antioquia Travel Guide is the Botanical Garden of Jerico, which is full of different plants, beautiful flowers and also trees. It is so relaxing there that I could perfectly imagine to just go there to relax for some hours.

The Botanical Garden is also located nearby the Cristo Redentor, so it would be super easy to combine these two activities in Jerico, Antioquia.

Explore a coffee farm

One of my absolute highlights in Jerico, Antioquia was the coffee farm tour I did with Las Cometas Hostel. They brought us to a local farm in a stunning location (with incredible views) and explained to us the whole process of how coffee actually is made.

It was a super interesting day with lots of eye-opening information, as well as incredible views and a short side trip to a large waterfall. The day on the coffee farm definitely made me appreciate my cup of coffee way more, and I will try to support more local products rather than big companies.

Check out some of the pictures below, and you will understand why this was one of my favorite things to do in Jerico, Antioquia.

Coffee farm tour in Jerico, AntioquiaCoffee farm tour in Jerico, AntioquiaCoffee farm tour in Jerico, Antioquia

Enjoy the town & relax

After so many fun things to do in Jerico in this Jerico Antioquia Travel Guide, let me share with you a little secret: Jerico is a perfect town to relax. No matter if you live in Medellin and search for an escape from the busy city life or need a break from non-stop traveling: Jerico is a perfect town to slow down and relax for some days. The locals are super friendly too and if you have the time, that is definitely a great option.

I am already looking forward to my next stay in Jerico – and I am already excited about it!

Where to stay in Jerico Antioquia

Since Jerico is a small town in the countryside, you will not find as many different options as in a tourist hotspot such as Medellin or Cartagena, however, there are some great places to stay during your trip to Jerico, Antioquia. I personally stayed in the only hostel in the town, Las Cometas Hostel. It is run by Jorge, a young Colombian guy that speaks perfect English and will make you feel like at home with his team. I can definitely recommend staying in Las Cometas Hostel – the atmosphere is great, they have private rooms and dorm rooms and many fun activities.

Here are 2 other options that I can recommend:

  • Cabanas y Flores: Cute and colorful cottages located on a hill nearby the Cristo Redentor statue. Amazing views over Jerico and in general a fantastic hotel with great hospitality. I stayed here one night and loved it. Especially great for couples or families.
  • Hotel Santa Laura: Great hotel located in the heart of the town. Perfect location and spacious rooms for a fair price. My friend stayed there one night and liked it!

Restaurants in Jerico Antioquia

In the town of Jerico, you will also find a lot of restaurants with great food. While I had some difficulties as a vegetarian, I still always found a suitable dish (every restaurant had at least one vegetarian option). At the main square of Jerico, you will find dozens of street vendors that sell fresh and local dishes. My favorite was the local arepas – it was super delicious.

Other restaurants and places I tried include Golem Burger, Cafe Don Rafa, El Mirador Piqueteadero and Cafe Jerico, which is part of Las Cometas Hostel. They were all super delicious, so I can recommend them!

If you end up trying other restaurants, please let me know so I can add them to the blog post.

Best time to visit Jerico Antioquia

Just like in Medellin, the weather in Jerico Antioquia is pleasant all year round. At some times you might have hotter or colder weather or some more rain – but eventually, Jerico has a really comfortable climate throughout the year. Whenever you are traveling in Colombia, including Jerico to your itinerary is a good idea!

I hope this Jerico Antioquia Travel Guide was helpful and if you have any more questions feel free to comment below or contact me on Social Media (links on the top of the website).

Jerico, Antioquia Travel Guide

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