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Learning English in San Diego – my best 3 months

San Diego in California is one of the most amazing cities I have been to yet. To show you why I loved it that much I will tell you about my own time there: While I was learning English in San Diego for three months. But when did I even stay there? Well, that is exactly one year ago: At the beginning of September 2016, I went to San Diego in California for three months to improve my English with a language stay and have a good time. And my time there was a blast of joy and great moments. Actually, this journey started way before I launched this blog. I didn’t even start with photography there. Actually, it was the place that made me start with all of this.

America’s finest city

That is the nickname of San Diego, California. And you know what? I can just agree. If you want to chill and go slow, you will love San Diego. The people are friendly and very open to foreigners – in contrast to Europe, they just start to talk to you in public. To be honest, that is not always good, but most of the times it was for me. But what makes San Diego so relaxed? Well, imagine you lay on one of the many amazing beaches, enjoy the sun and if you are in the mood you play some volleyball, try to surf (it’s quite hard by the way), snorkel or go to one of the many bars. Whenever you want. Other good examples are the rooftop parties that you can find while summer. It’s just always a great atmosphere and everybody is enjoying his time.

Learning English in San Diego

Volleyball at the beach

My favorite places in San Diego

Because San Diego offers so many different beaches and amazing landscapes I will just mention my favorite ones here. However, they really stand out in my opinion and are a must-do for everybody. I’m still kind of angry I can’t travel back in time and take amazing pictures with my camera there. Foremost there is La Jolla, which is probably the most famous area. Why? Not only is the beach there beautiful, also can you see the seals there. And they are exactly like the people of San Diego: Chilling at the beach. But be careful, they don’t like to share their beach with annoying tourists 😉 Secondly, there is the Balboa Park which offers a great choice nature, walking paths, gardens and museums. It doesn’t even sound close as good as it is. Definitely one of the best places in whole San Diego. Lastly, I want to mention my favorite place in San Diego (except the nightclubs, but pssst): The Sunset Cliffs. As the name already mentions the sunsets there are absolutely stunning. Honestly, if you stay in San Diego and miss this opportunity you will be quite disappointed afterward.

Potato Chip rock

Potato chip.. what? Yes, when I heard this name for the first time I got hungry as well. Yet it is a famous place for hikers, photographers and especially Instagrammers all around the world. Located around one hour outside of San Diego itself you have to earn your picture with a hike. It’s not the longest with around one hour. However, it was quite challenging for me because it was 35 degrees Celsius that day. If you don’t go in the hottest heat and bring enough water it is quite easy though. But why should you exactly go there? I will just let the pictures speak:

Learning English in San Diego

Learning English in San Diego

Day trips

When we talk about my language stay in San Diego, California I definitely have to mention the possibilities for a day- or weekend trips that you have. They are exciting. Surely you can rent a car and drive up to Los Angeles in some hours from where you can also reach beautiful places like Monterey or Big Sur. (or take the train, which is faster and with no traffic!). Because I did not like L.A I will not lose too many words about it: I’d suggest you spend a weekend in Las Vegas, it is accessible with a car easily and hands down, everybody should spend some crazy nights in Las Vegas. From there you can also make tours to Arizona which includes some of the most amazing sceneries in the whole country like The Grand Canyon or the Havasu Falls. Do you like roller coaster or theme parks? Then California is also perfect for you: From Disneyland to Six Flags Magic Mountain, there is everything to feed your needs. Admittedly I did not tell you my favorite place yet. It’s the closest of them. And maybe you will see a wall there in some years. I am talking about Tijuana in Mexico. To be honest, I was afraid to go there during my first weeks – and that was a huge mistake! You should go to Tijuana during the day and the night in my opinion. With the daylight, you can stroll through the tourist streets, buy cheap food or just try one of the amazing tequilas. And when the lights turn off in Tijuana, the best party of your life can start. But “what happens in Tijuana stays in Tijuana”. (sorry Las Vegas) I highly recommend you the club “El Alebrije” if you ever stay there though. If you don’t feel secure enough to go alone you can use the service of a company to see Tijuana with a guide..

For Hiking, there are also many other options in San Diego.

When alcohol leads to a skydive

Yes, you read it right. In San Diego everything is possible. Actually, the story is quite funny. Two of my friends and me decided to drink some shots of tequila on a Monday evening (I told you everything is possible, even being an alcoholic on Monday night) and it ended up quite bizarre. My friend is afraid of heights and almost killed us when we tried to convince him to join us to make a skydive. To put it in a nutshell: The same week we all did the skydive with Sky Dive San Diego and we were all happy. Maybe we should all drink more tequila in the future? No, I doubt it… probably.

Now when I already came out as an alcoholic I will give you one last recommendation. Try the different craft beers in San Diego and if you don’t have much money but want to make a party: Every Thursday you can get 1$ beer in McFadden’s downtown. For more dedicated alcohol clues you can always contact me of course 😉

Learning English in San Diego

Your best friend in San Diego: Alcohol

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