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Making a photo book – why you should do it

Today I will talk about my first photo book ever: Why I decided to do it, how I did it and what I think about it now. For me, making a photo book is something that most people should do. And this includes people who are not a photographer: I think a photo book can be beneficial for everybody. No matter if you take fantastic pictures or you just play around with your smartphone while traveling to capture special moments.

Why should you make a photo book?

To be honest I never thought about making a photo book until I started with photography. And even then I didn’t really have it in my mind. Sometimes I watch videos about photography on Youtube, especially from photographers that inspire me. One of them is Thomas Heaton who makes his own photo books, calendars, and prints. I realized how cool it must be to hold a book in your hand that consists of your own images. Not only can you showcase your work to everybody, also is it in a much better quality than on Social Media platforms like Instagram that basically shrink your pictures to the minimum. It is one thing to go out and shoot pictures with your camera, edit them and post your results on the Internet. Though it is completely different to see your work in reality and hold it in your own hands. To me, making a photo book is the perfect way to showcase your work and progress.

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Making a photo book

How I made my photo book

I was lucky to get in touch with and started a collaboration with them. Admittedly, I had no idea how this all works, but it shouldn’t be a real problem. On “” they provide a software which offers an easy and uncomplicated way to make a photo book. Actually, you just need all the pictures you want to include and choose the product you’d like to create. I went for one of the photo books and a poster to check if my pictures have enough quality to get printed to a bigger size. (they are!) The software is so easy to use: You can either choose to build everything from scratch and enjoy total freedom or let the software arrange your pictures in some seconds. The only hard thing was to decide which pictures will be part of the photo book at the end!

If you ever think you should make a photo book I can highly recommend using their software. They deliver their products to Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, and Germany – so if you live in one of these countries be sure to check it out. You can find their software here

Making a photo book

My first photo book

Why I love my photo book

It may sound so simple but I’m really happy that I made this book. For example I can show my work to all my family members or friends – and believe me: A photo book is much more impressive to show than a picture on your smartphone screen. It’s just not the same. And this is already my favorite point about it: A photo book is amazing to introduce your work to a potential customer. It’s your own portfolio that you can present and it just looks much more professional in my opinion. Lastly, it was just a great feeling to see my own work in a book – it made me realize how great some of them look and I even saw some details on the pictures that I never even noticed while editing on my computer or posting on Instagram. A photo book makes a picture come alive again and can change your view of it completely.

Why is making a photo book a good idea?

If you are a photographer like me the case is clear in my opinion: A photo book is an amazing addition to showcase your work and looks more professional in front of customers. It is also a great idea for a gift for your family members. But why should you need a photo book when you’re not even close to making professional pictures? Well, maybe not everybody will agree – but with a photo book you can capture your journey, your travels or just your overall year and save it for the future. I especially recommend it for people who love to travel – because we tend to forget moments that are worth to be remembered. You can take the most creative pictures while traveling, but without a photo book, there is a chance to still forget about them. With your own photo book, you can definitely avoid this.

Making a photo book

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