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Who is this mscgerber?

Hello everybody,

I have to admit, that’s not a spectacular start to my first blog post ever. I will just introduce myself to you with this post. At least that is the plan right now. You have to know, I tend to get off the track sometimes… okay, maybe more than sometimes.  Some of you who will read this just now probably know me already from my Instagram account, or are even friends with me. For all those who don’t, you will be told in a second. Or I could wander to another topic again? I am kidding… hopefully.

Michael aka mscgerber – Switzerland – travel and photography enthusiast

Wow, what a creative introduction Michael, great work. I could tell you a thousand things about me: my height, my weight, my eye color… but at the end, what matters, in my opinion, are other things. That is not who I am, it is just the exterior. Hence I will tell you something more interesting. What drives me throughout my life? Money, possessions or fame? No. What matters to me are true friendships, meet cool people all over the world and live a satisfied life. Surely, I can’t deny that I’d like to have more money for example because it would give me more possibilities immediately to fulfill my own purposes. How did I come to this conclusion at all? Well, I can’t really tell you that, because it was a huge process over the last years, and this “growth” should never stop. Definitely, I am too young and too inexperienced to judge on other people, and I don’t want to do that at all. What I try is just to find the right way for myself – and that is what everybody should do (or at the very least try it!).

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”

(Tim Cahill)

I can just agree with this quote. I hear many travelers telling their stories like: “I have been to 270’250 countries, my next destination will be Mars, almost no tourists go there, I am so cool I travel a lot!”. For me, that wouldn’t be the right thing to be honest. If you just travel for the purpose of travel, it doesn’t make you happy. You are more a travel-dependent, who couldn’t imagine to not travel for even one second. Luckily, most travelers you will meet are not like this. Obviously, it is just a really small part, but probably everybody has a little bit of it in himself too. Anyhow it was (or maybe still is?) like this for me. As you may know, I stayed in San Diego, California for three months in 2017. This time has shaped my mindset a lot. It was, without a doubt, the best time in my life so far,  but the day of my departure came closer and closer. Slowly but surely. Why am I telling you this? After I was back home in Switzerland (with fucking snow by the way!) I realized what really happened in California. I met folks from all over the world. Some were just a holiday acquaintance, others became good friends,  a small part of them conquered my heart. That may sound weird or crazy, but if you ever met someone (no matter if it is a girl or a boy) with whom you just have this crazy connection from the first moment – you know what I’m talking about. Whenever I call that to my mind I instantly have a smile on my face, and that’s a great feeling.

What can you expect on my blog?

That’s a question I am still figuring out a bit too. Surely, you will find a lot about my two biggest passions: travel and photography. Since I love to read and watch series/movies as well there will be some reviews of my favorite books or movies. So the content will change over time, depending on my mood and what I am doing at the current time. If you like to hear about something more often (or less) always feel free to let me know in the comments or use the contact form.

You can also always find the latest information about me on my about page.


Michael aka mscgerber

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Hello guys! I am Michael, a freelance photographer and travel blogger from Switzerland. My goal is to inspire travelers all around the globe with my posts and images.