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my photography equipment – What do I use?

Whenever someone asks me questions this is one of the first that I get asked: “What equipment do you use to take your images and videos?”. I get this question frequently while traveling and on my Social Media accounts. Therefore, I decided to make this quick list and overview. This is the equipment I use to create all my content.

Updated: November 2019

*This post contains affiliate links. If you buy one of the products via my link I get a small commission, which helps me run this blog. For you, the price stays the same.


Sony Alpha 7 III

My current main camera that I use for almost all my pictures and parts of my YouTube Vlogs. It is an amazing allrounder camera, not too heavy and produces incredible results. I can definitely recommend this camera from Sony. You can purchase just the body itself (like I did it) or buy a complete kit with everything you need to start right away.

Previously I used the Nikon D3400, which is an entry-level camera. If you are just starting out with photography, I can definitely recommend the camera too.


Sony FE 24-105mm F4

Since I am traveling most of the time, I decided to just take one lens with me for now. After some thinking, I went for the Sony FE 24-105mm, which is a perfect allrounder and suitable for almost every situation. I can use it for stunning landscape pictures, beautiful portraits and it was even quite useful during my safari in Kenya. It is definitely an incredible lens that I can highly recommend.

Action Camera

GoPro HERO 7 Black

GoPro The Handler

GoPro El Grande (Selfie Stick)

As my action camera for water and underwater action, as well as crazy adventures, I use my GoPro HERO 7 Black, which is simply amazing. Especially the inbuilt stabilizer is incredible and provides top results without having to carry a gimbal. I also often use my GoPro for vlogging, which works well too.

Additionally, I am using some accessories (links above) in form of the handler (which stops the GoPro from sinking) and El Grande, which is basically a huge selfie stick. You can never go wrong with a GoPro in my opinion!


DJI Mavic Pro 2

PolarPro Filters

Definitely one of my favorite pieces of equipment today! The drones by DJI are absolutely amazing and deliver crazy results for both photography and videography. The Mavic Pro 2 is currently probably the best drone for travel photographers, as it is quite small and has a superb quality. Additionally, I am using some filters by PolarPro, which are helping me to get smoother images and videos. They are worth the money too!

Camera Bag

f-stop Backpack

Langly Alpha Globetrotter

I currently have two different Camera Bags, that I usually combine while traveling. The F-Stop is my main bag, containing most of my stuff, including clothes. The Langly bag is my “equipment bag”, which I have always closely with me. Both bags are tailored towards photographers and offer a protected area for your equipment. I’m absolutely happy with both of them!


Samsung Galaxy S10+

I just bought my new phone some weeks ago and I already love it! The camera is awesome and I can create stunning content on the go, including pictures and cool videos. I can definitely recommend this Samsung phone!


Microsoft Surface Book 2

I bought this laptop before I was serious about my photography, so I didn’t buy it with the focus on photography in particular. Still, it is an awesome laptop for almost every task. I love that I can also use it as a tablet and it has a touchscreen, which sometimes helps me out a lot. The only downside is that I bought a laptop with just 8GB RAM. When editing huge files or videos the laptop is getting to his limits. I will probably upgrade it in 2020.


Adobe Creative Cloud

For all my images I use Adobe Lightroom – and sometimes Adobe Photoshop. Both of them are included in Adobe’s Creative Cloud, which is a monthly subscription to access several of their programs. If you do photography seriously you should definitely grab the Creative Cloud, as it offers almost everything you could think of. (Honestly, you don’t need more than Lightroom and Photoshop anyway!).

To edit my images in Lightroom, I usually use my Lightroom presets as a starting point. You can find them in my shop or download some presets for free as a trial.

Harddisks & Memory Cards

La Cie Rugged 4TB External Hard Drive

SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable External SSD

SanDisk 128GB Ultra microSD

Sony Memory Card 128GB

When it comes to Harddisks and Memor Cards it is important to me that the products are reliable and fast. For my travels, I use a mix of the La Cie Rugged (with 4 TB!) and several San Disk Extreme Portables (1TB each). The La Cie Rugged is protected well and will survive all your travels. The San Disks are extremely small, which makes them a perfect option too (they are expensive though!).

For my Memory cards, I just use San Disk and Sony and generally look for good reading speed. Currently, I am really happy with this setup.


At the moment, I don’t use any filters for my camera. You can find the filters I am using for my drone under the section “drone”.



Currently, I am only using a GorillaPod tripod, as I try to save some space and weight on my travels. Sometimes this can be annoying (if I want to shoot a long exposure for example), but for me personally it was not worth carrying my huge tripod on all my travels to just use it occasionally.

And that was it already guys! Thanks for checking out my equipment – If you have any questions feel free to comment below or reach out to me via Twitter or Instagram.

What equipment are you using?

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