Roundup: My plans for 2018

Roundup: My plans for 2018

One month of 2018 is almost over and still, in this post I want to share my own plans for 2018 with you. I have some projects that you already know, some totally new ones launching right now and others that are waiting in the wings. To be honest, I have ideas almost every day, but most of them will never get reality – because they are unrealistic or even completely absurd. In my opinion that is a good thing: Always think big! One day you might have an idea that changes your life – or our life. Anyways, besides that, I will also tell you about my upcoming trips, some thoughts about photography and probably (like always) some totally random “thoughts” of me.

Upcoming Trips

So let’s directly start off with my own travel plans. Admittedly, due to my school, there are not that many, on the other hand, I’m already excited about them. Because I don’t have a regular income with my freelance work yet I am always looking for cheap but still amazing trips. Exactly this was the case when I booked my first upcoming trip. I was looking for cheap flights with my usual technique and stumbled upon some amazing offers to Rome, Prague, Sofia, and Barcelona. First I was unsure which chance I should grab and even asked you guys on Instagram. Luckily I got many great tips and recommendations but eventually postponed my decision another time. Which trip did I book at the end?

February: Bulgaria

Ultimately I went with the most unusual option and added Sofia to my plans for 2018. Well, the trip is almost here and I got to pack my stuff soon. To be honest I knew almost nothing about Sofia and never even thought about visiting Bulgaria before. After a quick research, I explored some stunning places I am looking forward to visiting though: Especially the Belogradchik Rocks and Veliko Tarnovo, a fortress that was built during the second kingdom of Bulgaria, look extremely promising. In addition, I’m already excited to take pictures in the old town of Sofia and to try the local food, that must be amazing from what I’ve read. For my stay, I booked a room in the Canape Connection Guest House which is directly in the historical city center.

Roundup: My plans for 2018

Sofia, Bulgaria

April: Turkey

Another time I will travel to Turkey! Since I spent over a week in Istanbul I totally fell in love with the city and the country. I explored places that I’ve never heard before my time on Instagram: Fethiye, where I stayed for a couple of days and enjoyed paragliding, Cappadocia or Pamukkale just to mention a few of them. However, I will not really visit Istanbul this time – even though my flight will arrive there. We will drive through the country by car and will visit Cappadocia and Pamukkale, which I mentioned above. They look absolutely breathtaking and I can’t wait to experience them with my own eyes. I will also do a (sunrise) balloon flight for the first time in my life. You can’t imagine how excited I am!

Roundup: My plans for 2018

Pamukkale, Turkey


I will have some space between the end of my current school and my 3 week period in the Swiss military (seriously!). So I’m quite sure that I want to travel somewhere: Though I have absolutely no idea where to yet. Maybe I will, for the first time since ages, do a relaxing beach holiday. If you have any recommendations let me know!

Exploring Switzerland

Already last year I decided that I want to explore Switzerland’s many beautiful locations more often. With my trip through Switzerland during the turn of the year, I definitely made a good start! We have so many natural resources that are a dream for every photographer. So I should take my chance and go out more often! What appeals the most to me are hiking trips through the Swiss Alps where you pitch your tent at the end of the day and sleep in a million star hotel – in the middle of one of the most beautiful places in the world: The Swiss Alps. This is also a perfect possibility to take my first milky way photographs and do more sunrise pictures. Overall just an experience I want to do regularly and is, therefore, one of my plans for 2018.

Matterhorn, Switzerland


New project: Swissphotofreaks

I recently launched my latest project with Urs Hintermann, another photographer from Switzerland with over 10 years of experience. But what is the project about? We wanted to start a Swiss community of photographers – and also offer workshops, tutorials and more in the future. Last week our website went online and we’re working full speed to launch more and more in the upcoming weeks. So far it is possible to buy our images directly on the website (just look around in the portfolio section) and we also published our very first Photography Workshop in Lucerne. The workshop is perfect for both beginners and advanced photographers. Lucerne is the city I spend almost every day and I know the best spots – which I will, of course, show you. Additionally, we will cover shots during daylight, sunrise and the night – you can learn a lot with our tips and tricks and we, the swissphotofreaks, would be pleased to have you there. The workshop will be held in (Swiss) German mainly, however, it is also possible to join us when you only speak English. (I will be there and my English is quite fluent :P)


Upgrading my equipment

When you have a look at my current photography equipment you will see that I used pretty cheap equipment so far. That is true – and in my opinion not a problem. You can take amazing pictures with a cheap camera and even excel 99% of all photographers around the world (I don’t say I do though!) On the other hand, once you reached a particular level it gets harder to make progress – the beginning is always the part where you can take the biggest steps in your career. I still have many things I can improve, everybody has. Recently I bought myself a new lens for landscape photography and the difference between my images was undeniable. I decided to invest more in my equipment in the future. It will be a step-by-step way to this state – but I want to improve my photography in every way I can – and it’s a part of it.

Roundup: My plans for 2018

New equipment, please?

Other plans for 2018

These were basically my main ideas and plans for 2018, BUT as I said I have a lot of ideas in my head. I thought about learning a new language (Spanish ?), travel through Asia, start doing youtube videos or just, in general, creating more videos. But honestly, all of these ideas were just whirling around in my head. My general goal is to improve my photography whenever I can, travel to interesting places and while I’m doing this also investing time into my blog and everything I built so far – because I love to do it. Every time I get a message on Instagram or an Email with someone that tells me that he likes one of my pictures – I feel so happy. And that’s something important – being happy with what you do and what you achieve.

What are your plans and goals for 2018?

My plans for 2018






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