The best vegan Restaurants in Berlin

7 of the best Vegan Restaurants in Berlin

Sometimes it can be a struggle to even find healthy or vegetarian food while traveling. While you can find junk food and big chains almost everywhere some areas simply don’t have a big offer for vegetarian or vegan food yet. Well, that’s definitely not the case in Berlin! All around the city, you can find plenty of vegetarian and vegan options – almost every restaurant has some vegan choices on their menu. But today, I want to tell you about 8 of the best vegan restaurants in Berlin – that I loved during my stay.


I have to admit: Daluma caught my attention with its fancy looking breakfast bowls that I saw on Instagram – which were just too inviting to pass on them. Their philosophy is to provide healthy food that covers all the needed nutrition – with bio products only. Also, they do have several options for vegans. I tried one of their bowls, some energy balls (which were so tasty!), and a green smoothie. Everything was amazing – and it just looked as fancy as on the images.  If you are looking for a place to eat healthy, organic food – Daluma is the right place for you.

Daluma is also a great place to do some work, as they have a pretty relaxed atmosphere and provide free water. There is also a fridge with different juices and smoothies, which are perfect for takeaway or even ordering online.

Daluma in Berlin

“I want it all” bowl with “Get your greens” smoothie

1990 Vegan Living

As the name already says: This restaurant serves a lot of Vegan food. 1990 Vegan Living is a Vietnamese restaurant and the concept is quite easy: You can choose from different small and big bowls – which is perfect to share with your friends. Depending on what you like and how hungry you are you simply order everything you’d like – and enjoy a real Vegan feast afterward.

For me, 1990 Vegan Living was my favorite Vegan restaurant in Berlin! The food was simply amazing. Once I saw the other guest’s bowls I couldn’t stop and ordered so much food – which I don’t regret at all. If you like Asian food, 1990 Vegan living is your vegan restaurant in Berlin!

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Vegan Restaurants in Berlin: 1990 Vegan Living

When you order too much and still eat it all – the food was pretty good!


On Saturday morning I wanted to have a vegan brunch in Berlin – and found Kopps. For 18 euros you can enjoy an all you can it vegan brunch buffet – that is full of delicious food. The buffet contains all kinds of food: from salad to bread, vegan cheese & meat, desserts, and vegetables – basically everything you could think of! I really liked the food, however, the brunch was quite busy – so I recommend making a reservation before you go there to avoid waiting times.

Kopps also offers dinner à la carte, cooking classes and special events like “come together”, which is an individually composed 3-course menu. Overall, Kopps is a quite fancy place fand one of the best vegan restaurants in Berlin.

Kopps Berlin Vegan Brunch

A small part of the big selection during the brunch

Goura Pakora

If you are in Berlin and like Indian food – there is no way you can not have some in Berlin, as there is a restaurant called Goura Pakora, which is one of the best vegan restaurants in Berlin! The restaurant is 100% vegan and offers some of the best vegan food I ever had.

I personally tried classic dosa, thali, a small soup and one of their smoothies (I know, I ate a lot again haha) and liked it a lot. Sure, the tastes are very exotic and special, exactly what you would expect from regular Indian food too.

The restaurant is quite hidden and small – but has a cozy atmosphere and a lovely staff that helped us choose the right food.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Berlin

Vegan Indian Food from Goura Pakora

Ataya Caffe

Chill, great and laidback atmosphere, tasty vegan food and a mix of African and Italian culture. Sounds quite random – but exists in Berlin. And believe me, what you can experience in Ataya Caffe is wonderful!

Ataya Caffee is owned by a couple – she is from Italy and he is from Senegal – which they also represent in their food. At first, I thought: Italian-African? How should that be any good? But hell yes, it was seriously some of the best vegan food in Berlin. I went there in the morning and tried the breakfast plate for 13 euros – which is a mix of different food that changes from day to day. Additionally, I tried on of their smoothies.

The food was quite special and nothing you can get everywhere – but that’s exactly why I loved it! Additionally, the owners are just lovely and you feel like you are at home. Next time I’m in Berlin I will certainly try out their vegan brunch that takes place on Sundays.

In my opinion, Ataya Caffe is not only one of the best places for Vegan food in Berlin but also a perfect place to hang out and have a great time.

Vegan Breakfast in Berlin: Ataya Caffe

My breakfast plate for 13 euros

Nora’s Garden

Another Vegan restaurant in Berlin with an Asian touch was Nora’s Garden – where I had dinner one night. The selection on the menu was big – you can choose from various starters and then choose from several types of noodles or rice. The whole menu made me seriously hungry so I ordered both starters and noodles – together with a ginger-lemon tea, which was really refreshing.

We tried different food from the card – and everything was really tasty and fresh. Nora’s Garden is definitely a great option if you are looking for a Vegan dinner in Berlin.

Nora's Garden, Vegan Restaurant in Berlin

Starters from Nora’s Garden


Sfizy Veg

It’s quite funny how I ended up eating a Vegan Pizza in Sfizy Veg: I found a Vegan restaurant nearby and wanted to eat there – but unfortunately (or fortunately?) it was closed and I stumbled upon Sfizy Veg, a Vegan Pizzeria and Restaurant. While their main focus is, of course, on the Vegan pizzas, they also offer appetizers and vegan lasagne and cannelloni. However, I just had to try out the Vegan pizza! Before that, I ordered mozzarella sticks and an avocado bruschetta, which were both really tasty as well.

And I was not disappointed! The pizza was amazing and I was thinking about ordering a second one – which I didn’t do in the end (maybe better haha). I’m really happy I stumbled upon this vegan pizzeria and can highly recommend it – as it was one of my favorite vegan restaurants in Berlin.

Sfizy Veg Vegan Pizzeria in Berlin

Vegan Pizza in Berlin

Other Vegan Restaurants in Berlin


Do you know Döner? It’s probably the last thing that you’d expect to be Vegan. Well, that’s exactly what Vöner is doing in Berlin: Offering a Vegan version of the Döner. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to try it out yet – but it sounds pretty cool! If you want to have some Vegan fast food in Berlin or just want to try a vegan döner – this is the place to be.

Lucky Leek

Quite the opposite of Vöner is Lucky Leek, which is a high-class and fancy vegan restaurant in Berlin. The food looks absolutely delicious and if I have the chance I will probably give it a try next time I’m in Berlin. The food in Lucky Leek is 100% plant-based.

The list is endless

As I said in the beginning: It’s a paradise for vegans and vegetarians, as there are so many vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Berlin – no matter what food you like – I’m sure you will find something!

Which is your favorite vegetarian or vegan restaurant in Berlin?

You are traveling to Berlin and want to know where to eat vegatarian, vegan or healthy food in Berlin? I will tell you some of my favorite restaurants to eat vegan food in Berlin - check out the blog post for more!

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