Venice in December

Visiting Venice in December? Yes!

Recently I found a cheap offer for a flight to Venice for just 60$. An amazing price, still I was thinking about this offer quite a lot. I have been to Venice, which is located in the Northeastern Italy, as a kid, and knew it is a magnificent place with a lot to offer. There was just one point holding me back: The great deal was just valid when visiting Venice in December. At the end I just booked it an thought: “Michael, you are from Switzerland. You are gonna survive”. I did – and my weekend turned out to be a great time. I will now tell you why.

Fewer tourists

If you ever visited Venice in the high-season you will know the claustrophobic feeling when you try to cross the Rialto Bridge and end up fighting your way across it for almost an hour. Yes, you do. You will not have this while visiting Venice in December. Sure, Venice is always touristic and you can’t expect to have the most famous attraction for yourself the whole day. However, there are way fewer people than in Summer and you can take some more time to just enjoy the beauty of the city itself – take some pictures and don’t have to worry to get overrun by the next gaggle of tourists. This might sound stupid, but Venice is, in my opinion, way more enjoyable in Winter than in Summer. You might have to wear some more clothes as temperatures can drop quite low, but it’s worth this little effort to see the best places in Venice with less people than usually.

Venice in December

Rialto Bridge

Visiting Venice in December: Atmosphere

I already talked about the fewer tourists before, but my favorite point whilst my trip was also connected with this fact. Hence I highly recommend getting up early in the morning or staying up till late in the night. Personally, I woke up at 5 am, walked through the city that felt almost like a ghost town and still shined in its own beauty. To be honest I just met some other photographers and the stars I saw in the morning sky of Venice. Unforgettable to walk around some of the most famous places in the world’s history and being totally alone. At least for me. These two hours before sunrise were my most beautiful moments on my trip – maybe of my whole year. Another huge advantage are the short lines in front of the museums – which are insanely packed in high-season. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to visit famous places like the Doge’s Palace. Yet the lines were inexistent. Already a reason to go back 😉


Venice in December

St.Mark’s Square

Cheaper accommodation

For me it’s always a huge factor when traveling to a new city: The costs for my place to sleep. I knew that Venice is, by any means, not cheap for Italian standards. However, I realized that the prices in December are quite reasonable. Whether you want to stay in a luxurious hotel next to the Grand Canal, in a shared hostel room or even an Airbnb, you will find everything for your needs. At the end, I went with the hostel We Crocifieri which was located a 20-minute walk from the center. Nothing fancy but absolutely worth the price and a good choice for a budget traveler. And I’m sure you will want to visit Venice in December once you compared the prices for accommodation.


Visiting Venice in December

Let it snow!

Admittedly I can’t show you pictures of a snowy Venice because I didn’t have the chance to take pictures with snow. BUT right when I was leaving for the airport it started to snow and it was just lovely. Venice is already so beautiful and when you add snow to it it looks even better. Not only did it enhance the general atmosphere (at least for me), most people started to smile immediately and even started to play with the snow. I really wish I could have stayed in Venice for some more hours to enjoy these moments. Actually, I did, because my flight was delayed at the end, but that is another story. So even though Venice is not famous to be a winter destination – in my opinion, it is! To complete this whole article I will give you one last, yet amazing tip if you decide visiting Venice in December:

“Getting lost is the only place worth going to.”

Visiting Venice in December

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